“Powerfully moved me from
‘I cannot do it’ to the incredible world of ‘anything is possible”

— Jessica Nicholson, Editor-In-Chief

“Helped me build my business from ground up. My life took a huge turn upward. I feel like I live in Disneyland now.”

— Anne Renshaw, Designer

“Within a week of working with David, I began to see significant results in my life! I began to hit successes that I previously didn’t know were possible!”

— Ilene Sova, Founder, Feminist Art Conference & Blank Canvases

“I shall be ever grateful to you for helping me transform my life in so many ways!”

— Susan Duncan, Graphic Designer

“Fast forward 3 months and beyond other results, I am fulfilling a long time dream and opening up a contemporary dance company.”

— Lisa Emmons, Co-Founder, Form Contemporary Dance Company