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I first met David at a workshop in Windsor and was impressed by his calm demeanor and practical advice. I became aware of the program through the workshop but I was skeptical at first. I didn’t see myself as the type of person who needed a coach. I was used to doing everything on my own. In the weeks following the workshop, it became clear to me that I was stuck in a rut and needed help. I had always dreamed of owning my own consulting business but was afraid to give up the safety and security of a day to day job. Taking the leap with David was the best thing I’ve ever done. It was hard work but he helped me to clarify who I really am and what I truly want out of life. We identified and removed the blocks that were holding me back. In a few short months, I left my job and started my own consulting practice. My experience with Audacious Results was truly remarkable.

Kerry McGrail CPA, CA

Owner, McGrail Solutions

I am a firm believer that everyone you meet in life crosses your path for a reason. The universe brought David to me at a time when I was going through a tumultuous life change and could no longer see the forest for the trees. He is truly gifted at what he does and has helped me peel through layers of years of self-doubt and self-punishment so I could see the light again.

Working with David and Audacious Results Coaching for three months was more constructive than years of therapy. He is a truly gifted life coach, his intuition, perception and most of all genuine heart and care made it easy to expose the darkest corners of my soul to him. David has provided me with the tools I need on a daily basis to move forward through life with positivity, self-acceptance, and purpose.

Lesley Skok

Working with David was an incredibly eye-opening experience. He helped me to see who I was being and what was stopping me from moving forward in many areas of my life where I felt trapped. It had been a year of much upheaval in my life, and I wasn’t sure which way to go. I’d lost my job of 16 years, and I felt suspended in limbo while time passed me by.

The tools David shared with me, gave me tremendous insight into my personality traits and strengths, but more importantly my weaknesses and those traits that were stopping me from taking the next steps. Gaining this knowledge was priceless and gave me the courage to go for it – to break free and forge ahead into the life I really want to create for myself! He helped me see my true worth, my true values and what it is I really want.

I took up tennis (which I absolutely love); launched my leather jewelry website; was interviewed for an article for an online artist’s magazine; started my own graphic design business. Now I am building a solid client base while working from home – something I thought I’d never had the self-discipline to do. I’m excited to wake up each morning and dive into the next creative project!

Thank you, David, for helping make my year and for giving me the tools to go forward with a renewed and vivacious form of myself. Thank you for my freedom!

Laura M.

Owner, Pink Daisy Design

Before I could not really imagine succeeding in a job that I truly loved and didn’t feel like hard work.

David’s coaching enabled me to reconnect with my passion and remove barriers I had myself created. Suddenly, many exciting projects became possible. Through our work, I reconnected with the energy that comes with jumping into a new venture that I am truly passionate about and debunked many preconceived ideas that were holding me back.

Vadim M., M.B.A.

Senior Executive, Fortune 500 Company

The circumstances of my life were overwhelming when I began my coaching sessions with David. Almost instantly he helped me release myself of all the blockages that were preventing me from being unsealed and the real me.

I feel unstoppable and am producing incredible results. His services would be a deal at 10 times the price. Getting through such a difficult time in my life with this much power truly feels amazing.

Brinn N.

Corporate Lawyer

When I met David, I had just quit my job as a lawyer in private practice. I was no longer engaged in my work and I had lost sight of my personal passions. While I was confident about my decision to quit, I was unsure about my future direction. I signed up for David’s 90-Day program and quickly realized that his coaching would become instrumental in helping me during my difficult leap into the unknown.

David is an organized and well-prepared coach, but he is also spontaneous, receptive and adept at tailoring his program to your particular circumstance. He is a positive and creative thinker, as well as honest and encouraging. His coaching fostered and steered the exact type of self-reflection and self-discovery that I needed. With his help, I was able to confidently decide to accept a position with a company that is exciting and engaging. At the same time, he helped me to realize how important it is to balance my professional life with my personal life and creative pursuits. He is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend working with him if you are looking for positive change in your life.

In-House Counsel, Toronto

David, from day one, was clear, concise, and purposeful. It was like he rested a lantern of light into my darkness, the places within me that had either lay dormant from shame or lack of use….and he helped me pick those pieces up, hold them and see in them again their magnificence and potential. Literally, to see the “old” in a new way. He helped smoothly transition me out of each hole I was in firmly yet compassionately like a wise Sherpa going up a very sacred mountain.

In a blanket statement,  David shakes the dust from your soul while painlessly holding your feet to the fire of purpose so that your most authentic self can shine and breathe and once you take that first clear breath you see new roads and have fresh perspectives that just were not possible before knowing David. He is incredibly gifted in what he does and in how he does it.

Anyone can learn methodologies, but it takes innate gifts to be guided to help optimize and transform people on this earth like David does. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help in a transition or to optimization.

Tiffany Jones

International TV Host and Corporate Trainer

I had read many self-help books, been to councilors and therapists; you name it, I tried it. I had been in many unsatisfying jobs and worked with David on changing old, destructive habits that have held me back from creating the life that I want and deserve. 

David’s honest, caring, insightful approach ensures I can confidently go in the direction of my dreams, free from the blocks I didn’t realize I had. I shall always be grateful to him for his inspiration and guidance in helping me reach my potential and becoming a better ‘me’. 

I shall always be grateful to him for his inspiration and guidance in helping me reach my potential and becoming a better ‘me’.  I encourage everyone to make the call to David that can change everything!!

Susan Duncan

Illustrator & Designer

I have been working with David for a month and a half and in that short time, David has helped me move past areas of my life that years of therapy and medication never could.  David has helped me to see that my past and what happened in it is not the truth and not who I am and it never was; he showed me how to let the radiant light shine through rather than focusing on the speckled darkness.

David has begun moving me headlong into making my goals a reality, he is helping me figure on what I want and need in my life and career by solidifying my goals and having a laser-like focus on them. He has a very gentle way of working with me, his kindness and support, his intuitive way, his honesty and his directness is wonderful and refreshing, he always tells me exactly what I need to hear (even if I don’t want to hear it).

Working with David has been a life changing, AH-HA moment. If you’re ready for a big change and a serious move forward, I recommend Audacious Results Coaching services to anyone and everyone.

Jessica Nicholson

These three words stand out for me as I reflect on my coaching journey with David- heart, insight, and essence.

David always approached me from a heartfelt and compassionate space. This enabled me to trust and be completely honest with him, which is essential to the success of the process. This combined with David’s capacity for deep insight was a powerful force, that helped me confront and move through personal challenges.

David’s commitment to serving what is true for me, moved me closer and more fully into my essence.

If you are looking to take your next big step, it is my experience that Audacious Results will be of great support towards living your life’s purpose.

Melanie Rosen M.A., TCPP dipl.

Registered Psychotherapist & Educator

I enrolled into David’s 90-day program, and within weeks, the people on my team saw a drastic positive change in how I approached high-stress situations, how I communicated with them and how I made better choices based on relevant criteria vs. emotions and ego.

David’s ability to help me see the core causes and beliefs that I base my decision-making process on to alter them, so they are in alignment with my end goals have been invaluable.

David’s compassionate approach to helping me realize the most damaging and challenging aspects of myself quickly helped me overcome them with confidence and clarity.

If you need to achieve audacious results in your business, David Furlong will be a huge asset to you and ultimately your organization.

Paul Marek

Founder & President, MUUVER Inc.

I worked with David on a new aspect to my design business. His coaching style is direct, honest, open and completely supportive. The guidance, knowledge and understanding he brings to every meeting along with an ability to get to the heart of obstacles is truly inspiring. I will not hesitate to recommend David’s service to anyone who has a desire to re invent themselves. Audacious Results Coaching invaluable help can be life changing.

I will not hesitate to recommend David’s service to anyone who has a desire to re invent themselves. Audacious Results Coaching invaluable help can be life changing.

Anne Renshaw

President, Petit Suite Garage Conversion

I hired David to get my new business off the ground. He’s been absolutely amazing. He’s been fantastic in helping me deal with all sorts of personal issues that hold me back from maximizing my true potential. He’s like Tony Robbins meets Sigmund Freud. Very helpful. Very insightful. Non-judgemental. Incredibly compassionate. David has helped me immensely.

Roy L.

Founder and CEO

I was very resigned in several areas of my life. I requested David to be my coach because from I knew he would be able to help me get back on track. Fast forward 3 months and beyond other results, I am fulfilling a long time dream and opening up a contemporary dance company. Most surprisingly, contracts and people wanting to support are coming to “me”  which is amazing! I recommend David and Audacious Results for what ever you want to accomplish in your life.

Lisa Emmons

Artistic Director, Form Contemporary Dance Theatre

Within a week of working with David, I began to see significant results in my life! I find his style of coaching to be extremely personalized and effective. The main area that he assisted me with was focusing on my goals and aligning those ideas with my true personal values. While, doing this, he worked directly with me to identify weaknesses that were impeding me from reaching my full potential and helped me to overcome those blocks. His exercises and homework pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I could rise above limits that I set for myself. Right away I began to hit successes that I previously didn’t know were possible! His style is very direct, and clear which I really appreciated. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who has a dream they want to make happen and don’t know how to get there. He will get you there!

Ilene Sova, MFA

Founder, Feminist Art Conference, Blank Canvases and Instructor at OCAD University

I’ve had coaching before however, David has a very unique and powerful way to showing you your blind spots and how to work with them. Within 3 weeks I went from no real job and stressed out to 3 job offers and a great future. Seeing possibilities and creating powerful opportunities for myself. Money well spent. Totally grateful.

Franziska Trauttmansdorff

I was happy in my career but worked long hours, always said yes (happily) and knew there could be more excitement and passion in my work. With a baby on the way, it was important to find balance and joy in career so I could be the mom, wife and professional I always wanted to be.

Through my work with David, I saw so many possibilities I had never imagined before. My previous beliefs about what a successful career and life have been shattered. I have a clear vision of what my dream job looks like and I now appreciate my worth such that I value and don’t “give up” my time so that I spend it where it is most important to me.

Amanda P.

Health Care

Everyone deserves to have someone in their life who is A Stand for them:  David has been that stand for me. With compassion, he helped me uncover what was important to me in my life. He was tenacious in his coaching and committed to me being everything that I created I could be.

He taught me how to plan my work and work my plan with Integrity to achieve the results I wanted in my life. I am now a better husband, father and son, living my dream of being a College Professor and committed to having it all.

No matter what your goals are, personal, financial or professional, David and Audacious Results will walk shoulder to shoulder with you to get the big results you want in any aspect of your life.

Gary Pratt

College Professor

After working with David, I’ve come to believe he has a secret stash of magic. This magic gives him x-ray vision; to see what you can’t see about yourself, long range foresight; to believe in your wildest dreams, Atomic Grenades which he gives to you after the pin has been pulled, and a golden anchor to keep you grounded when you start to fly.  Thank you, Super David and Audacious Results Coaching.

Heather Azima

Energy Healer, Healing One

David’s coaching has given me access to opening up myself to an area of my life that I was closed off to without even realizing it. Because of David’s coaching, I started dating after 10 years. He really listens and genuinely cares for his clients.

J. M. Toronto

David’s work with me has been both instrumental and essential to keeping me on track and consistently focused on achieving success in my goals. His coaching style and methods are dynamic and organic, helping me to utilize skills I already have and access those resources I have but wasn’t aware of or using well. Above all, he is committed to having me be happy and successful. he has my highest recommendation.

Ron Greblar

Producer/Director, Creative RBG Inc.

Thank you very much again David for your AMAZING coaching. Thanks to you, I’ve got what I’ve been looking for so long!!! Since you might not even realize how much you helped me that’s why I just wanted to let you know. I am very grateful to you for the results I got. All the Best!

Tunde Szabo

“David is a professional, high energy coach. He was instrumental in my paradigm and sub-conscious energy shift in how I view the world and how I now choose to live my life.

Antonio Jdsn

Before I met David, I was feeling stuck. I knew what I wanted out of life at a very young age, and I’ve taken big steps to get my career in the film industry to where it is and very proud of myself for it. However, as much success I had created, I felt that I was hitting the same barriers over and over again. What I thought I needed was more motivation and strategy. As it turns out, what was lacking was a solid, realistic perception of how I viewed my myself and the world around me.

David’s process, as intense as it was, was one that actually required zero struggle to complete. This is part of the paradigm shift he provides. David helped me to not only recognized my patterns and disrupt them but also really hone in on my goals and aspirations.

Now I have a new kind of confidence, not only in my ability to succeed at every task I take on, but now I leave each job with the knowledge and concrete belief that I am also contributing to my grand vision. Now, all is aligned and connected.

Through David’s program, I also acquired a new set of sophisticated tools that aid me in busting through my challenges! His unique ability to tap into the way that I perceived the world gave me the kind of perspective that I was looking for. Through this process, I found more potential in myself.
Desh Fernando

Producer, Director & Editor

“Powerfully moved me from
‘I cannot do it’ to the incredible world of ‘anything is possible”

— Jessica Nicholson, Editor-In-Chief

“Helped me build my business from ground up. My life took a huge turn upward. I feel like I live in Disneyland now.”

— Anne Renshaw, Designer

“Got me unleased on my life. I was shocked how fast I started to produce results.”

— Brinn Norman, Corporate Lawyer

“I shall be ever grateful to you for helping me transform my life in so many ways!”

— Susan Duncan, Graphic Designer

“Fast forward 3 months and beyond other results, I am fulfilling a long time dream and opening up a contemporary dance company.”

— Lisa Emmons, Co-Founder, Form Contemporary Dance Company