Are you stuck in your career,
lost in your entrepreneurial dream or
just trying to keep your head above water?

Audacious Results are found at the crossroads of passion,
vision and action.

If you’ve lost sight of one or all of these key ingredients or you can’t seem to find your way, your true purpose and vision can be made real with the bold ingenious guidance of David Furlong.

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Unleash Your Ultimate Potential

Diving deep down into my inner psyche, David was able to help me identify the things I was using to hold myself back. He helped me to gain the confidence I needed in myself in order to take on the tasks and responsibilities of being a founder and CEO. Without him, I would have crumbled a long time ago. He is my Yoda whenever I feel like things in the swampy forests of tech-startup-dom are dark and hopeless.

Paul Marek

Founder & CEO, MiDATA

Within a week of working with David, I began to see significant results in my life! I find his style of coaching to be extremely personalized and effective. His exercises and homework pushed me out of my comfort zone so that I could rise above limits that I set for myself. Right away, I began to hit successes that I previously didn’t know were possible! Ilene Sova, BFA, MFA

Founder, Feminist Art Conference & Blank Canvases

David’s coaching enabled me to reconnect with my passion and remove barriers I had myself created. Suddenly, many exciting projects became possible. Through our work, I reconnected with the energy that comes with jumping into a new venture that I am truly passionate about and debunked many preconceived ideas that were holding me back. Vadim M. MBA

Senior Exectutive, Fortune 500 Company

David’s services would be a steal at 10 times the price. Getting through such a difficult time in my life with this much power truly feels amazing! B. Norman

Corporate Lawyer

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